Architect Extension Plans For A Conservatory

Architect extension plans for a conservatory are just as important as they are for any other type of house extension. While a conservatory will generally come under permitted development, there is still your neighbours and the building regulations to consider. So, where do you start when planning a conservatory?

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when considering a conservatory is not thinking it through carefully enough. A well-planned conservatory can add space, light, and value to your home. However, poor planning could lead to an under-used and expensive waste of space. When considering these types of house extension plans, the key is to create a space that is integrated into the existing structure. One of the problems you face is dealing with building regulations regarding door quality. Most conservatory extension plans need to include exterior quality doors between the conservatory and the existing house. This can lead to the new extension feeling isolated from the family home and being rarely used particularly during the colder months. There are ways to overcome this problem, including designing the conservatory in a way that makes it part of the existing structure. However, this requires an in-depth understanding of local building controls and building regulations. The best way to achieve the right end result for you is to work with an experienced architect. They will be able to achieve the right balance between your desired outcome and the practicalities of local building regulations.

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