Cost Of Extension Plans – Responsible Budgeting

Cost of extension plans; when you first consider a house extension, setting your budget may feel like asking how long is a piece of string. There are so many variables to take into consideration during the planning and the building phase; it can be difficult to know where to start.

A good place to start is by knowing what money you have available, and then setting some of that aside for emergencies. That way if the unexpected does happen you don’t have to try and stretch your original budget too far and skimp on your design plans. A great way of saving money is to do as much of the work as you can yourself. However, it is important to use professionals for areas where you do not have the skills or experience. Remember to account for application fees when working out your spending limit. Also, consider what will happen if your house extension doesn’t get permission, and the extension plans require significant changes. One way to deal with this is to hire a professional architect to draw up your plans. If you choose one with residential extension experience, this will reduce the risk of your designs being denied. Furthermore, if you choose a company that provide their service for a fixed fee, then there is no risk of the amount you pay out increasing if changes do need to be made to the house extension plans. Other budgeting considerations include the labour required for the build itself, materials, and possibly utilities. You may also want to set aside money for decorating and furnishing the extension once it is complete.

At KJM Design and Planning Services, our team always work on a fixed fee basis. This helps our clients to manage their budgets better and gives them confidence in knowing that we are there until the planning part of the job is complete. To see how we can help with the cost of extension plans, visit today.