Extension Design Plans – Double Storey Considerations

Extension design plans for a double storey extension have more aspects to take into consideration than those for a single storey extension. Having a basic understanding of these aspects and how you can plan around them with the help of an experienced architect is essential.

Double storey extensions do not come under permitted development and face more planning scrutiny because they make a more visible change to the house and risk greater impact on your neighbours. An experienced residential architect will be able to guide you through the areas most likely to cause problems with your local planning laws. The first thing to bear in mind is that if the proposed extension is particularly visible, and alters the appearance of the original building, it is highly unlikely to be granted planning permission. This is one reason why there are few double storey front extensions. Your neighbour’s privacy and the right to light will also be considerations that will need to be included in any double storey extension plans. Careful planning and talking to your neighbours during the planning process can avoid a lot of the potential delays and unpleasantness. If you have a terraced property, then your house extension plans will also need to take the Party Wall Act into consideration. This will affect you if there is any boundary work being undertaken our work needs to be done to the foundations of the property to ensure the stability of the building.

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