Extension Plans Cost – Understanding Your Budget

Extension plans cost vary depending on the type of extension you are considering for your house. Key to being able to set, and stick to, an appropriate budget is knowing exactly what you want to achieve. It also helps to have professional architectural support in realising that dream.

The cost of all house extensions is affected by where you are in the country, the traders you choose, and how busy these traders are at that time. The costs of extensions are also affected by the size of the planned extension and the amount of work needed to realise your dream. For example, two-storey extension plans take more work, more materials, and, therefore, more money to complete than a single storey building extension. Your house extension plans are also affected by the purpose of the new extension. Is it going to be used as a bedroom or kitchen? If so, you need to consider plumbing, power, and waste management. There is also the existing structure to consider. How will it be affected by the new build? Will you need extra or special foundations to be built to take the weight of any new build? If you don’t have the answers at the beginning of the process, all of this could significantly add to your costs. It could also add to the amount of time your build takes, as you are held up by building regulations, planning permission, and costly mistakes. The most cost effective way to avoid this is to work with an expert from the beginning. An architect will talk you through the possibilities and the potential pitfalls that you face before work even begins.

If you are looking to minimise your extension plans cost, without compromising on the end result, then you need the support of KJM Design and Planning Services. We will work with you to achieve your goals, and all for a fixed fee. Find us at http://kjmdesigns.co.uk/ and start your extension off right.