Floor Plans For Garage Conversions – Can You Do It Yourself?

Floor plans for garage conversions are essential for both ensuring you meet all potential building regulations and complete the conversion to the standard you need. But, can you do these floor plans yourself, or should you consider a professional experienced architect to complete the process for you?

There is no legal reason why you cannot complete your own garage conversion plans, including drawing up the floor plans. However, unless you have experience in this area, there are a number of other reasons why professional architectural plans are a much better idea. Firstly, there is the degree of complexity involved in the drawing up of such plans. They need to be to scale, legible, and easily understood by everyone who will be involved in the conversion project. This includes your local planning office where required, building regulation inspectors, and your building team. The house extension plans will also have to show how you will meet any specific regulations and planning requirements. This will involve aspects such as the creation of new foundations, ensuring the structural integrity of load-bearing walls and meeting the requirements for fire safety, insulation, and ventilation. Details will also need to be provided regarding the instillation of power, water, and waste disposal systems if they are required. These elements will depend greatly on what is already present in the garage and the intended purpose of the room. Unless you understand these aspects in detail, you could find there is a large gap between your ideas and what the builders, plumbers, and electricians can actually achieve.

The best way to achieve detailed and purposeful floor plans for garage conversions is to use a professional, such as those at KJM Design and Planning Services. We only undertake residential work, and, therefore, have a clear understanding of the needs of homeowners. To see examples of our previous projects, visit http://kjmdesigns.co.uk/.