Garage Conversion Plans Examples For You To Consider

Garage conversion plans examples can provide the inspiration you need to make better use of the garage space you have. Whether your garage is unused because your vehicle doesn’t fit, or because you simply don’t own a car, it can be put to better use and add value to your house.

Before considering what you could convert your garage into, it is important to find out about the planning rules in your local area. If the work being carried out is internal, then planning permission is very rarely needed. This leaves you free to create an entire new aspect to your home. However, designing the space you want to create is essential, and architectural drawings are still a useful tool to consider. Some of the most common garage conversion plans include turning the existing space into a home office or home gym. You may find that these options are also amongst the easiest to design and plan for. However, attention does still need to be paid to ventilation, heating, and adequate lighting. Other house extension plans using the existing garage space may include adding an extra family room or lounge, or creating a separate play room for children. The conversion plans don’t have to stop at creating a new separate room. You could use the space to increase the footprint of an existing room such as a kitchen or lounge. However, detailed attention will need to be paid to the structural integrity of the building if walls are removed to achieve your desired result.

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