Garage Conversion Plans - Why Use The Garage?

Garage conversion plans are a popular way to gain more space within the home, and can be a simpler, less expensive option to moving house. Sometimes more space is needed, especially if the house in question was built hundreds of years ago and is a small cottage, or if it was built recently, new builds are notoriously small. The garage is an excellent place to begin your house extension plans, since most of the time it is an underused space, mainly used for storing boxes. The garage, therefore, is a space just waiting to be used for more.

Why Would Your House Extension Plans Include The Garage?

Depending on where your garage is situated, you can do a number of different things with it. If it is attached to the house, or could be with the addition of an internal door, your garage and loft conversion plans will be simpler. The garage can become an extra room of the house without too much work or the need for complicated architectural designs to be drawn up. However, if your garage is separate to the house, then your garage extension plans could be very different. You may want to build in the space between your house and the garage in order to join them together. Or perhaps you could decide to put another storey on top of the garage and make it an entirely new dwelling. Whether it is single or double garage conversion plans that you need, you will have to speak to an architect and planner about the work. House extension plans might include the garage if the house has already been extended and there is no more room to add any more to it. Equally, it could be that you don’t want to extend the house into the garden and lose any of your outside space, making the garage an excellent alternative. A separate garage makes the perfect living accommodation for an elderly relative or a teenager who wants to have a little independence but still be close by. And, an attached garage is ideal for creating an extra bedroom, dining room, study, or even playroom.

Do You Need Plans For Garage Conversion?

Drawing up plans for garage conversion ideas is an important step in your house extension process. Without the right plans, a builder won’t know where to begin, and they certainly won’t be able to give you an accurate quote. Therefore, your budget will easily be stretched, as costs can spiral quickly. This is why it is also important to have an expert professional creating your garage conversion floor plans for you. These plans will be able to confirm that the work is possible in the first place, which can be the difference between being able to have a conversion or not. Planning permission from the local council may not be required for your garage conversion; however, if you are planning a garage extension then it is likely you will need planning permission. Don’t start any major building works before this permission is granted, as you could find yourself needing to undo any work done and even pay a fine. If you don’t intend to change the structure of the garage in any way and are simply making the interior a usable space then planning permission won’t be needed. It is best to speak to an expert architect about this, however, as they will be able to advise you on what to do. If you do need to obtain planning permission, they will be able to liaise with the council on your behalf. This will save you much time and worry. KJM Design and Planning Services can do this – and more – for you.

Unbeatable Garage Conversion Plans From KJM Design And Planning Services

There are many excellent reasons to want garage conversion plans drawn up, and with KJM Design and Planning Services you know your plans are in safe hands. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service at quality rates, and we have many years of experience. See our website at for example of our previous work. We can provide house extension plans to suit any kind of build, and we are always on hand to offer friendly advice. Speak to one of our team today on 01375 267 888 and begin your journey into creating a new, exciting home to live in.