Garage Extension Plans – Increasing The Size Of An Existing Garage

Garage extension plans can be drawn up to either change the use of the garage and increase living space, or to extend the garage itself. The planning and regulations required for these two purposes are different. Here, the latter use and how to go about it will be explored.

Many people no longer use their garages because they are too small for their vehicle. One way to make the most of this space and to add value to your home is to convert it into a new living area. However, if this is not something you need or want, then you can also add value by extending the garage itself. While the garage is a single storey structure and shouldn’t need planning permission under permitted development, it is important to check this with your local planning office before any work starts. If you hire a professional architect to draw up the floor plans for your extension, they will be able to assist with this. There will be limitations on the size of the new garage, in terms of width, height, and length, and these also need to be considered carefully. You will also need to consider whether your house extension plans will have any negative effect on your neighbours. If the plans affect their access rights, or come too close to their boundary, you may need their agreement as well before proceeding. As long as your garage conversion plans are well thought out with the needs of others kept in mind, you should soon be able to enjoy a better designed home for your vehicle.

Our team at KJM Design and Planning Services are able to support you in your garage extension plans every step of the way. Where you want to increase the size of the garage itself or extend a room into the garage space, we can provide the necessary floor plans. Visit us at to get your quote.