Loft Conversion Architect To Guide You Through Building Regulations

Loft conversion architect support is vital to the success of your loft conversion project. This is particularly true in terms of getting your conversion designs through the stringent Building Regulations. Failing to take these regulations into consideration could be a very costly mistake.

It is rare that a loft conversion requires planning permission, although there are some cases where this is needed. This is one reason why you should employ an architect to draw up plans for any conversions you are considering. They will be able to advise you on what permissions are needed, and on what needs to be included in your loft conversion plans to meet these requirements. Two of the key areas that are considered under the building regulations are structural stability and fire safety. Any plan for conversion that does not have these basics in place will not pass through to the building stage. An architect will be able to work through aspects such as structural stability, and design your house extension plans to take account of any additional supports that are needed. This will include support for load bearing walls, and ensuring that the roof structure itself is suitable. When it comes to fire safety, the building regulations are very strict, and there is no room for error on your part. Building plans that don’t take fire safety into consideration won’t be allowed to go forward. The reason an architect is such a good idea in relation to the fire safety aspect is because there are so many facets to it. You will need to consider the resistance levels of the floor and walls, the materials that are used, escape routes, and much more.

At KJM Design and Planning Services, our architects keep up to date will all the latest regulations regarding extensions and conversions. You can be assured that a loft conversion architect from us will result in the perfect plan for you. Find out more at