Loft Conversion Plans Cost – Comparing Approaches

Loft conversion plans cost money whichever way you approach them. You can either have the plans drawn up by a professional architect, or you can go for the DIY approach. While this may seem like the cheaper option, the truth may be very different. Read on to find out why.

Many people are put off using a professional architect to plan their loft conversion or extension because of the cost. Loft conversion plans drawn up by professionals may not be cheap, but when you consider what is included in the price you are quoted, they are often more cost effective. A good architectural company will have experience in creating house extension plans that meet planning permission and building regulation specifications. The best of these firms will work on these plans at no extra cost to you should they not be granted permission to proceed the first time. If you were to try to cut costs and do this yourself, you would need to put in the time and effort required to measure and draw up the plans, detail materials, and detail ventilation and fire safety precautions. In addition, you would need to deal with the submission fees, and resubmission fees if your plans failed the first time. Without adequate knowledge of fire safety and ventilation, there is a high possibility of this occurring. Once the plans are passed, there is also the small detail of ensuring that your builders are able to follow the plans. If these are laid out in a professional format, the end results are much more likely to resemble your original idea.

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