Loft Conversion Plans - Can A Loft Conversion Add Value To Your Home?

Loft conversion plans can be the first step in adding value to your home through a loft extension. Any kind of house extension plans can certainly push the value of your house up, but when it comes to planning in advance and making the most of the space you already have, the loft is the best answer. A recent study has shown that a well-designed, cost-effective loft conversion can add as much as twenty per cent to the asking price of a house. This is why it is important to find the best value for money company to carry out the works.

Why Are House Extension Plans So Important When Building?

It is true that good loft conversion or extension plans cost many thousands of pounds, but with the right people carrying out the work that money can easily be recouped when you come to sell your home. But if you do want a loft conversion, then it is important to have proper plans created. Without a loft conversion floor plan, you may not realise exactly what is going to be created in your loft space – and this can lead to many problems further down the road. Speaking to an architect who will listen to what you want and add his or her own ideas is essential. And, you must ask to see their loft conversion plans before any work can be started. Interestingly, unlike other house extensions, a loft conversion does not normally need planning permission from the local council. A loft conversion is known as a ‘permitted development’ as long as it adheres to specific rules regarding the size of the conversion itself. The rules include the fact that the conversion must not have more than 40 cubic metres of additional roof space in a terraced house, or 50 cubic metres in a semi-detached or detached house. There must also be no extension that is higher than the highest part of the roof, and the materials used to create the extension must be similar to those already in use on the roof. No verandas or balconies are allowed, and any side facing windows must be glazed with obscured glass.

Should You Hire A Loft Conversion Architect?

Bearing in mind the above rules – and there are many more besides – it is essential that you hire a loft conversion architect to create the plans for your extension. One of the reasons for this is that an architect will immediately be able to tell you whether your loft space is suitable for an extension. Not all of them are, even if they might look as though the idea would work. With loft conversion architect plans you can have peace of mind that the extension will work as you intended it to. Not only that, but if you are planning to extend the height of your roof or add a balcony, for example, you will need planning permission from the council, and architect plans will be required. Your builders will also need good plans to follow. A rough sketch with some vague ideas of measurements might be fine to start the process of planning, but when it comes to the build itself professional plans with accurate measurements will be required. Without these, mistakes could be made that aren’t realised until it is too late. This will cost you time and money on your extension project. Architects should also be able to suggest the right builder or building team for your extension. This will save you the worry of sourcing a reputable building firm on your own. KJM Design and Planning Services can offer all of these services and more; ensuring that your extension plans and the build itself go smoothly.

Loft Conversion Plans From KJM Design And Planning Services

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