Loft Extension Plans – Five Things Your Plan Needs To Consider

Loft extension plans are crucial if you want the finished item to be perfect and practical. Whether you want to extend into your loft to create a permanent living space, or to have a better designed storage area, you need to ensure that you have a plan in place. Here are five crucial considerations for your loft extension plan.

Any loft conversion or extension is going to add weight to you home. Your first consideration then, is whether your home can support this additional weight. You also need to consider head height as part of any loft conversion plans. Once you have made all the changes, will you be able to stand up in the new room you have? How will any additional staircase affect the space both in the loft and on the first floor? While not all house extension plans now need planning permission, extending up into your loft does require approval under building regulations. Part of this will involve ensuring you have taken neighbouring houses, particularly party walls, into consideration. You will also need to consider whether your roof structure will need to be altered. This is important not only to achieving the height you need, but also to adding the required levels of natural light and ventilation. Your final consideration, although possibly the most important, is fire safety. You will need to ensure that your plans include suitable escape routes and fire-resistance for the safety of those using your new extension.

The most effective way to ensure that these considerations are included in your loft extension plans is to hire an expert. At KJM Design and Planning Services, you will find the expertise you need. We service the entire South East from our Essex based offices. Leave us a message via our website or call 01375 267 888 to discuss your architectural extension needs.