Planning For Garage Conversion – Changes You May Need To Make

Planning for garage conversion; one of the reasons many people take this route is because they have an existing building to work with. However, while this reduces the need for planning permission, it does not always mean you are ready to move in the furniture. Here are some areas that may need further work.

Working with an architect will help you to identify areas where you need to make changes before the space is suitable for its intended purpose. Any of these changes will need to be incorporated into your garage conversion plans. One of the most obvious changes you will need is the replacement of the existing garage door. However, you may also need to do some work to the existing walls as well. This will depend greatly on their condition, but most will at least need the addition of new interior walls to create cavity space for thermal insulation. The flooring may require work to provide suitable insulation and adequate damp proofing. Your house extension plans will also need to take the existing roof into consideration. While it may be suitable for keeping rain off of a vehicle, it may not provide adequate protection for your new room. Possible changes may include replacing a flat roof and creating a pitched roof to provide better leak resistance. In addition to these structural elements, remember that you will need to consider heating, lighting, and ventilation for your new room. All of this will need to meet safety standards, as well as being fit for purpose.

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