Planning Portal Garage Conversion – Doing Your Research

Planning portal garage conversion; the planning portal of your local council or the government is a great place to start with your conversion plans. As well as providing detailed information on planning permission rules, it will help you to go on to choose the right expert help for your project.

Any house extension plans or ideas about converting parts of your home, such as the garage, require thought and research. Your local council’s planning portal is a great place to start because the information it provides is specific to your area and, therefore, to your set of circumstances. The information you will find there will range from the Council’s understanding of permitted development rules, to how to submit building regulation applications. You will also usually find details relating to areas of specific scientific interest, listed buildings, and conservation sites. Remember that in these situations special planning rules apply and need to be strictly adhered to if your conversion is to be permitted. Having this information will help you in the initial planning stages, including deciding whether your garage conversion plans are feasible. At this stage, you can then take your knowledge and ideas to a professional architect and move on to drawing up floor plans and seeking any required permissions that you need. By using an architect who is also familiar with local planning rules and regulations, you can further cut down the time that the planning stage of your conversion will require.

If you have achieved the first step of finding the planning portal garage conversion details for your local area, then it is time to contact KJM Design and Planning Services. By working specifically in London and the South East, we are able to keep up to date with all the latest planning rules and pass on our knowledge to you. See more at