Plans For Garage Conversion – Building Regulations

Plans for garage conversion; while planning permission is rarely required, your conversion must meet with current building regulations. Taking these into consideration will mean that your plans are able to pass onto the building stage. Here are just some of the elements you will need to consider:

As part of your garage conversion plans, it is highly likely that the original entrance to the garage will be removed and replaced. This generally involves filling much of the space with a wall and adding a more standard door, or door and window combination. However, as part of the building regulations, you will need to check the depth of the foundations and where necessary lay new foundations to ensure the structural integrity of the new wall. House extension plans involving the garage also need to take account of the type of flooring that is present. While the existing floor is likely to be sturdy enough for general use, it may need damp proofing and upgrading to provide adequate insulation. These are the types of concerns that can be raised by your architect to make sure that you properly comply with all regulation before the plans are submitted for review. One of the other main areas of consideration in relation to the building regulations is ventilation. There needs to be a window type opening that should be at least 1/20th of the floor area of the room. The only exception to this is where the conversion is being used as a bathroom.

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